Bra Styles

Full cup:

Offers full coverage and support. The basic bra style best for every-day (and all-day) wear.
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Demi cup:

Demi cup means "half cup" - in a bra this translates to a sexy, lower cut uplift. This style is perfect for enhanced cleavage and scoop neck blouses and tops.
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Some women would like to "minimize" the appearance of their bust and at the same time get the support and comfort they need. Minimizers create the illusion of being almost one cup size smaller. Specifically targeted for fuller cup sizes, they usually start at C cups and higher.
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Seamless & T-Shirt:

Smooth, seamless cups that allow you to wear lightweight fabrics and close-fitting tops without wrinkle or crease show through. This style tends to follow your own curves, creating a natural shape, with full support.
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Soft Cup:

Bras without underwire. These come in all shapes, sizes and styles. May not be as supportive as bras with underwire, but are preferred for comfort reasons by some women.
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Molded Contour:

A thin layer of foam in the cups creates a pre-formed shape. This provides you with full support, natural shaping, and prevents nipple show-through. One of the most popular styles in the industry.
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Bras designed for smaller figures, these normally run from AA to small C cups.
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Maximize support and minimize bouncing. Sports bras can come with or without underwires, and can be rated for several different levels of activity and impact.
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Bras that have either removable straps or no straps at all.
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Also called T-Back or Y-Back depending on the exact configuration. Racerback bras have straps that join or attach at the center of the back. Perfect under specialty-cut tops, dresses, or racerback tanks.
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Multi-position straps:

Bras which have straps that can be attached normally, criss-cross, or in other configurations to suit the needs of the specific cut of your clothing.
Multi-position strap bras are under our Strapless & Racerback bra department


A demi cup with wider-set shoulder straps, for wearing with tops that have both deep and wide necklines.
Balcony Bras can be found in the Demi Cup section


An even lower-cut version of a demi cup, built for lift and cleavage.
Balcony Bras can be found in the Demi Cup section


Designed specifically for low-cut necklines, plunge bras are diagonally cut to offer fuller coverage on the side and less in the center, perfect for those deep-neckline tops.
Plunge Bras can be found in the Full Cup section


Separate from simple padded bras, which are built just for size enhancement. Push-ups offer a low cut on the cups and padding underneath to enlarge and lift your figure.


A top that offers bra support and full-torso shaping underneath clothing, meant to slim, shape and smooth your figure. Bustiers can be found in the Shapewear section

Panty Styles


A little more revealing than the average brief, a bikini has higher cut legs and medium back coverage. String bikinis offer the same front and back coverage but have only string or straps connecting on the sides.


Also called a boyshort or flirtpant, boyleg briefs show off the fabric with a skirt-like silhouette, with full coverage around the back and on the sides. Low-waisted boylegs offer comfort while accomodating low-rise jeans or skirts.


A panty with a high-set waist, high leg cut (also known as a French Cut) and full back coverage. Less revealing than a bikini, but still not quite a full brief.


Get out those low-rise pants! Hipsters have a low-set waist so they won't show above your jeans, but they still offer a full back and low-to-medium cut legs, making for a comfortable level of coverage.


Offers more back coverage than a thong, but still not the medium amount of a bikini, a comfortable compromise between the two.


Minimize coverage and eliminate panty lines with a sexy thong. Thongs come in a wide variety of back coverage options, including the barely-there Y-back and the even more revealing G-string. See individual product descriptions for the amount of front coverage.

Fabric Terms


Made of fine mesh material, in both nude shades meant to be worn under clothes, and bright colors to be layered or paired with other tops.


French lace.


Subtle but elegant patterns that are achieved by using the same color for both the pattern thread and the base fabric, although there is often a difference in sheen between the two.


Treated cotton, smooth and silky to the touch.


Fine nylon and lycra blend with a smooth, seamless feel.


Breathable fabric patterned with eyelet holes.


Usually refers to lightweight cotton.


A sheer mesh fabric, partially transparent.